UNITERRA Leave for Change
Positions to be filled

update : 2020-01-27

Country of Assignment Position Position # Position Type*
Administration and Management
BOLIVIA Conseiller-ère en planification stratégique/Strategic Planning Advisor 71198-055 VC/OS
BOLIVIA Conseiller-ère en entrepreneuriat/Entrepreneurship Advisor 71199-110 VC/OS
BOLIVIA Conseiller-ère en stratégie entrepreneuriale/Business Strategy Advisor 71199-111 VC/OS
GHANA Business Operations Advisor 1224-086 VC/OS
MALAWI Data Management Advisor 1222-035 VC/OS
SRI LANKA Strategic Planning Advisor 1229-106 VC/OS
VIET NAM Restaurant Management Advisor 1248-165 VC/OS
Computer Science
BOLIVIA Conseiller-ère en technologies de l’information/Information Technology Advisor 71199-109 VC/OS
PERU Learning management Advisor/Conseiller-ère en gestion de connaissances 1186-090 VC/OS
PERU Employability and soft skills Advisor/Conseiller-ère en employabilité et développement de compétences 1186-085 VC/OS
VIET NAM English Teaching Methodology Advisor 1248-169 VC/OS
GUATEMALA Impact investments Advisor 71201-078 VC/OS
GUATEMALA Impact investments Advisor 71201-077 VC/OS
MALAWI Financial Management Advisor 1221-089 VC/OS
GHANA Human Resource Development Advisor 1225-049 VC/OS
Human Resources
GHANA Organizational Strategy Development Advisor 1225-050 VC/OS
VIET NAM Human Resources Advisor 1248-167 VC/OS
SENEGAL Conseiller-ère en marketing 71188-110 VC/OS
VIET NAM Digital Marketing Strategist 1248-170 VC/OS
MALAWI Impact Investment Finance Advisor 1220-159 VC/OS
GHANA Advocacy & Policy Advisor 1225-051 VC/OS
GHANA Research Advisor 1224-087 VC/OS
NEPAL Designer (Accessories or textile) 71209-194 VC/OS
NEPAL Bonsai Expert 71209-175 VC/OS
NEPAL Early childhood advisor 71209-176 VC/OS
NEPAL Laboratory Management Advisor (Micro-biology and histopathology) 71209-178 VC/OS
NEPAL Virtual Classroom Designer 71209-180 VC/OS
Social Enterprise
PERU Environmental management, Advisor/Conseiller-ère en gestion de l'environnement 1187-056 VC/OS
Social Sciences and Community Development
TANZANIA; UNITED REPUBLIC OF Stakeholder Engagement Advisor 1228-187 VC/OS
Tourism Management
BOLIVIA Conseiller-ère en tourisme et marketing/Tourism and Marketing Advisor 71199-107 VC/OS
BOLIVIA Conseiller-ère en promotion du tourisme/Tourism Promotion Advisor 71199-112 VC/OS
GUATEMALA Cooperative advisor 71201-079 VC/OS
SRI LANKA Tour Guiding Advisor 1244-138 VC/OS
TANZANIA; UNITED REPUBLIC OF Hospitality Training Program Advisor 1231-066 VC/OS
VIET NAM Tourism Advisor 1248-161 VC/OS
VIET NAM Restaurant Management Advisor 1248-162 VC/OS

(*) VC/OS = Volunteer Cooperants overseas
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